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Help Abolish Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Our Mission

The Mission of HANNELORE HOPE is to make a difference in the lives of women and children of Africa by helping them realize their self-worth.  Our platform will be restoring hope to the most broken and impoverished women through encouragement and love.  Our goal is to shine a light by empowering and equipping through tangible programs which give them marketable skill sets for bettering themselves.

We will do this by providing literacy programs and education in our training center with an environment of hope and freedom in a world where women are considered inferior and used at will by society.

Women, especially in rural communities, are often forced to leave school at young ages and then have NO opportunity to better themselves.  They become completely dependent on their “protector”.  The ability to read and write will have a life changing impact on the future of each woman and child in the program.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to restore their self-worth and give them tools to build their lives by providing them with marketable skills sets such as sewing, weaving, crocheting and embroidery, reading and writing and even computer skills.

…he set the royal crown on her head and declared her queen… Esther 2:17

HANNELORE HOPE will also provide a safe learning environment for single mothers, by investing in programs that teach life skills.  Young women and girls who have been exploited will be kicked out of their families and will turn to prostitution if they cannot provide for themselves.  We will invest in programs that teach single mothers and girls, enabling them to provide for themselves and their families.  The safe learning environment, will include  training in  life skills such as cooking, sewing, crafts, and  hairdressing and computers.  These marketable skills, enable them to generate a small income and economic independence without turning to prostitution. Our goal is to also provide mentors and leaders to help these young women transition back into a life of self-sufficiency and economic freedom.  These mentors will provide emotional and spiritual support while helping train. Our priority goal is to transform the mind and the spirit into a woman of self-worth.

We also work in partnership with several associations and community leaders of local areas, providing initiatives that educate on health and nutrition raising awareness of hygiene and basic dental well-being, such as sealant and fluoride programs amongst children in schools.  Many young children lose their teeth at a very young age due to their lack of hygiene and comprehension of effects of diet and sugar.  Our goal is to implement into the schools  a basic dental hygiene program where each child will learn what their most basic dental hygiene needs are.